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05 Apr 2012
Those facing a Colorado Springs foreclosure will have to wait it out a few more weeks before it is revealed whether Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgages rates will be reduced for underwater homeowners. Our Colorado Springs foreclosure attorneys know that the possibility of losing your home is nerve-wracking, not only for what it might mean in terms of your immediate future (i.e., where we will we live, will my kids have to change schools, etc.), but also your long-term credit. We can help you sort through the details and determine your best option moving forward. The question raised by…
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22 Feb 2012
Recent media reports indicating that Colorado foreclosures are on the decline don't tell the whole story. Colorado foreclosure attorneys know there is much more to it, and many families continue to suffer as the result of greedy banks and careless politicians. According to a story by Reporter Heather Draper of the , the urban counties in Colorado have seen a dip in the numbers of foreclosure sales and filings this past January, as compared to a year ago. Draper cites the new figures released by the state's division of housing, which reports that foreclosure filings have dropped nearly 30 percent…
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02 Feb 2012
If Democratic state lawmakers are successful, the simple signature of a bank-employed attorney will no longer be enough to push through foreclosures in Colorado. A new bill targets a years-long practice in Colorado that unfairly skews the benefit toward large financial institutions. Under the current system, attorneys paid by banks are allowed to rubber stamp the bank's right to pull a home out from underneath its owner - without having the proper mortgage documents to back it up. In the last few years, this has meant a windfall for bankers and led to a crisis whereby people were forcibly removed…
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12 Jan 2012
Colorado foreclosure rates have dropped over the last year, but they are still among the highest in the country, according to a a recent report by the Denver Business Journal, which cited figures released by RealtyTrac. The report outlines a nearly 30 percent decline in the number of foreclosures filed in 2010 compared to 2011. But still, our state is ranked 9th in the nation for the most foreclosures. Our Colorado bankruptcy attorneys know that filing for bankruptcy can help you to stop a looming foreclosure of your home. What many homeowners may not understand is that they don't have…
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