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12 Mar 2012

Colorado Debt-Relief Watch: Employment Up, Outlook Uncertain

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Denver Post, respectively, Denver debt-relief attorneys are pleased to report that Colorado has seen its employment rate jump by 1 percent in the last month. In January alone, 19,500 people joined the workforce, bringing Colorado's non-farm employment numbers to their highest level in three years.

Construction, real estate and leisure -- all huge industries in Colorado -- have each also marked steady growth and resurgence. While such indicators show promise that the economy is slowly coming around, Colorado bankruptcy lawyers know this good news tells only part of the story. Far too many Colorado families are still struggling, and for them making ends meet is still more a dream than a reality.

Unemployment numbers across the state may be down, but that doesn't mean that landing a job -- especially for those who have been hit hardest by long-term unemployment and personal financial crisis -- is getting any easier. In part, the struggle to rejoin the workforce is made more challenging by job applicant screening process that excludes potential hires who have filed bankruptcy or who have poor credit scores.

Currently, seven states have moved to block employers from making hiring decisions based on an applicants' credit report. And now, USAToday reports that Colorado lawmakers are considering similar legislation. With that said, the Colorado Springs Independent has reported that the El Paso County Commission is now embroiled in an internal battle over the appointment of a board member to fill a vacant Retirement Plan seat after commissioners learned the appointee filed for bankruptcy nearly 18 years ago.

The question at the center of the debate: whether the personal financial history of citizen volunteers should be disclosed if the candidate in question will be overseeing county money? In this case, the appointee will be overseeing a $261 million fund.

Surviving a personal financial crisis is challenging enough without worrying about the lasting impact of the wrong financial decision. At the Law Office of Stephen H. Swift, our staff has the knowledge and experience to help your family make the right decisions to get back on a path to financial security.

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