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20 Apr 2012
When medical bills stack up, the ensuing Colorado debt can seem insurmountable. Our Colorado Springs debt relief attorneys understand that these snowballing bills can present severe financial challenges. Sometimes, individuals are forced to choose between paying a doctor bill and buying groceries. Often, they end up paying off medical bills using credit cards, which then force them to pay astronomical interest rates - which can also result in a seemingly unscalable hole of debt. What you may not realize is that just because you owe a particular balance on a medical bill doesn't always mean that figure is concrete. In…
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12 Apr 2012
Grappling with tax debt in Colorado Springs can be stressful for anyone. The penalties and pressure that builds from having it hang over your head can be a roadblock in starting fresh in your financial future. Our Colorado Springs tax debt relief attorneys can help. Bankruptcy may be an option, or you may need someone to assist you in negotiating payment plans or reductions with the IRS. Some individuals, however, will do just about anything to get out of paying taxes. CNNMoney recently reported on some of the strangest tax evasion efforts ever. Odd as they may seem, multiple individuals…
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12 Mar 2012
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Denver Post, respectively, Denver debt-relief attorneys are pleased to report that Colorado has seen its employment rate jump by 1 percent in the last month. In January alone, 19,500 people joined the workforce, bringing Colorado's non-farm employment numbers to their highest level in three years. Construction, real estate and leisure -- all huge industries in Colorado -- have each also marked steady growth and resurgence. While such indicators show promise that the economy is slowly coming around, Colorado bankruptcy lawyers know this good news tells only part of the story. Far…
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06 Mar 2012
In the first half of our two-part series on young Americans and debt, Denver debt-relief attorneys identified key financial stressors currently plaguing young Americans aged 34 and younger. These include: ~ a job market unwelcoming to recent college grads (one recent Pew Research Center reports reveals that in 2011, the unemployment rate among 18- to 24-year-olds was 16.3 percent, 6 percent higher than among 25- to 29-year-olds (10.3 percent), and more than 7.5 percent higher than among 3o to 34-year-olds), ~ student loan debt in excess of $25,000 per 2010 college graduate, and ~ the accumulation and persistence of other…
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03 Mar 2012
As the economy continues to rebound at a seeming geologic pace, Colorado Springs debt relief attorneys know that Americans aged 25 and younger still face great challenges finding a path to financial and job security. This two-part series on young Americans and debt will focus on two areas of concern: the economic realities facing many recent college graduates, and minors, credit and financial literacy. For the recent college graduate, Colorado Springs debt relief lawyers report a troubling outlook. The employment rate for young adults today has dropped to 54 percent -- the lowest since the government began tracking such data…
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28 Feb 2012
Nearly half of all Americans aren't able to save up as much money as they should, often necessitating debt relief in Southern Colorado and elsewhere in the country. This is according to a recent poll which found about 45 percent of people have less savings than credit card debt. Southern Colorado debt relief attorneys know that the economy is inching toward improvement, but many people are so deep in debt that they find it nearly impossible to claw their way out. This most recent survey, from, analyzed the spending habits of more than 1,000 adults, and looked at how…
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25 Feb 2012
Banks continue to reach into consumers' pockets for anything they can, regardless of whether it is going to require people to seek debt relief in Colorado or elsewhere as a result. Now, Southern Colorado debt relief attorneys are somewhat encouraged to hear of an announcement made by the U.S. Consumer Bureau chief, who says the agency plans to go after banks for their outrageous overdraft protection fees. Chief Richard Cordray, who recently took over the post, said the agency is also going to be asking for thoughts from the general public on how these fees are worded on checking account…
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