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So you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy. What do you do next?

Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of choosing to work with a bankruptcy petition preparer rather than a bankruptcy attorney. They think they are saving money, but in the long run it almost always costs them more. In some cases, the petitions these services prepare are rejected by the bankruptcy court, sending the petitioner back to square one. Additionally, a bankruptcy attorney will almost always be able to find exemptions that a petition preparer will not be aware of. Therefore, even though a lawyer will cost more at the outset, a bankruptcy lawyer will help you to preserve more of your assets, and ultimately save you money.

It pays to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney rather than a petition preparer or a debt resolution agency. An attorney can save you money, time and untold frustration. You will have the confidence of knowing that an experienced professional is doing everything possible to maximize your debt relief and allow you to retain as many of your assets as possible.

At the Law Office of Stephen H. Swift, P.C., we have been helping people obtain debt relief for over 20 years. We use this experience to help our clients get a new financial start while protecting their rights at all times. 


 In southern Colorado, it pays to work with an experienced attorney vs. a petition preparer.


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